X (Wembley Edition) is the debut-live-album by Ed Sheeran with the live versions of all his songs from his second album X.


A special "Wembley Edition" of X was released in November 13, 2015. This edition will include bonus tracks and a DVD of the Jumpers for Goalposts concert film.


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "One" Ed Sheeran Jake Gosling 4:13
2. "I'm a Mess" Sheeran Gosling 4:06
3. "Sing" Sheeran, Pharrell Williams Williams 3:55
4. "Don't"  Sheeran, Benjamin Levin Benny Blanco, Rick Rubin 3:39
5. "Nina" Sheeran, John McDaid Gosling 3:43
6. "Photograph" Sheeran, McDaid Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie 4:17
7. "Bloodstream" Sheeran, McDaid, Gary Lightbody, Rudimental Rubin 4:59
8. "Tenerife Sea" Sheeran, McDaid, Foy Vance  Rubin 4:00
9. "Runaway" Sheeran, Williams Williams 3:26
10. "The Man" Sheeran Gosling 4:09
11. "Thinking Out Loud" Sheeran, Amy Wadge Gosling 4:40
12. "Afire Love" Sheeran, McDaid, Vance McDaid 5:14
13. "Take It Back" Sheeran, McDaid Rubin 3:28
14. "Shirtsleeves" Sheeran Gosling 3:09
15. "Even My Dad Does Sometimes" Sheeran, Wadge Gosling 3:48
16. "I See Fire" Sheeran Sheeran, Pete Cobbin, Kirsty Whalley 4:57
17. "All of the Stars" Sheeran, McDaid McDaid 4:57
18. "English Rose" Sheeran, McDaid McDaid 3:04
19. "Touch and Go" Sheeran, Vance Rubin 4:00
20. "New York" Sheeran, Haynie Haynie 3:55
21. "Make It Rain" Vance 6:44
22. "Parting Glass" (Live from Wembley Stadium) 3:16
23. "Small Bump" (Live from Wembley Stadium) Sheeran 5:02
24. "Lay It All on Me" (featuring Ed Sheeran) Rudimental, Newman, Harris, Sheeran Rudimental 4:02

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