Want Some? is the third extended play by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Background and releaseEdit

The EP was self-released on June 29, 2007, consisting of eleven tracks.

Critical ReceptionEdit

No reviews are available for the EP.

Chart PerformanceEdit

The EP did not chart on any music chart worldwide.


Track No. Title Length
1. You Break Me 3:03
2. I'm Glad I'm Not You 4:20
3. You Need To Cut Your Hair 2:56
4. Sara 3:03
5. Move On
(featuring Alonestar)
6. Yellow Pages 2:49
7. Smile 3:11
8. Postcards 2:56
9. Two Blokes and a Double Bass 1:39
10. The West Coast of Clare 5:16
11. I Can't Spell 1:13

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