The first and only season of The Bastard Executioner premiered on September 15, 2015 on FX, consisting of 10 episodes and ran until November 17, 2015.


Set in early 14th century Wales, Wilkin Brattle, a Welsh knight in the army of King Edward I of England is betrayed by an Englishman who has a lust for power and who leaves him for dead. When he is near death, a child apparition implores Brattle to lay down his sword and follow the path of a different man. Later in life, Wilkin lives as a married peasant farmer, awaiting the birth of a child. His new life of peace is shattered by the unbearable taxes assessed on the peasants by none other than "Baron" Erik Ventris, the man who had betrayed Wilkin.

Pressured by his fellow villagers, Wilkin leads a raid on the Baron's tax collector, which leads Ventris to the revenge killing and burning of all the women and children in Brattle's village. Brattle's raiders seek battle with the Baron ending in the death of Ventris and the massacre of the Baron's troops. Revenge, however, is not complete, as the raiders want all the soldiers who slaughtered their kin to die by the sword.

Brattle assumes the identity of a journeyman punisher (executioner), injected into the plot just moments before the Baron's death. Brattle, aka Gawain Maddox, enters Castle Ventris with the intent of identifying the remaining murderers so his fellow raiders can exact revenge. Castle intrigue traps Brattle in his new alias and disdainful profession. Brattle must lead this double life while trying to determine whether this new path is the one the apparition has chosen for him, or if he has been led astray. The plot partially involves the fallout from the Madog ap Llywelyn Welsh rebellion. [1]


  • Lee Jones as Wilkin Brattle / Gawain Maddox the Executioner
  • Stephen Moyer as Chamberlain Milus Corbett
  • Flora Spencer-Longhurst as Baroness Lowry "Love" Aberffraw Ventris
  • Kurt Sutter as Ludwig Von Zettel, better known as The Dark Mute
  • Sam Spruell as Toran Prichard / Marshal the Soldier
  • Katey Sagal as Annora of the Alders
  • Darren Evans as Ash y Goedwig
  • Danny Sapani as Berber the Moor
  • Timothy V. Murphy as Father Ruskin
  • Sarah White as Isabel Kiffin
  • Sarah Sweeny as Jessamy Maddox
  • Ethan Griffiths as Luca Maddox
  • Elen Rhys as Petra Brattle
  • Ed Sheeran as Sir Cormac


Image Title Written by Directed by Original Airdate Episode
E4 A Hunger / Newyn Curtis Gwinn Ciaran Donnelly Sep. 29, 2015 04 1x04
Lady Love journeys to Windsor to learn the fate of Ventrishire from King Edward II. Back at Castle Ventris, Milus and company welcome a visit from Baron Pryce.
Thorns / Drain John Barcheski, Kurt Sutter Billy Gierhart Oct. 13, 2015 06 1x06
Wilkin and Toran encounter a new timeline for their revenge. Lady Love gets a surprise visit from an unlikely ally.
The Bernadette Maneuver / Cynllwyn Bernadette Roberto Patino, Curtis Gwinn, Kurt Sutter Paris Barclay Nov. 10, 2015 09 1x09
Ventrishire encounters an old French foe as Wilkin learns new insight into his holy destiny.
Blood and Quiescence / Crau a Chwsg Kurt Sutter Ashley Way Nov. 17, 2015 10 1x10
Wilkin and Milus lead an unlikely band of brothers on a life-threatening rescue mission.


THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Season 1 Trailer (2015) New Kurt Sutter Series00:31

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Season 1 Trailer (2015) New Kurt Sutter Series


  1. - Season 1 synopsis

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