Patience's my enemy, loving's my friend
It's harder to leave with my heart on my sleeve


Refresh for another quote from Songs I Wrote With Amy.

Songs I Wrote With Amy  is an extended play, independently released by Ed Sheeran on April 4, 2010. After the success of +, Sheeran re-released five of his EPs including Songs I Wrote With Amy[1] which was released a second time on December 9, 2011. All of the songs were written collaboratively by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge.

Track Listing [2]Edit

Track No. Title Length
1. Fall 2:43
2. Fire Alarms 2:24
3. Where We Land 3:03
4. Cold Coffee 4:14
5. She 4:04


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  2. iTunes track listing for Songs I Wrote With Amy

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